Falken Industries, Inc. (OTC: FLKI) is an American developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative wet wipe and specialty cleaning products. Under our brand conceptions Clean Plus®, we have successfully launched two consumer auto care lines (Clean Plus® Premium and Bianci®), a professional auto care line (Clean Plus® Professional Auto Care), a DIY consumer hand care line (Handyman®), and an assortment of industrial cleaning products (Grimex®, SaniClean®, D’fiti®, and Winglass®). Falken’s management team as well as Clean Plus® management are constantly working to build new markets for our products and be ahead of new market trends.

Falken Industries’ mission is to globally deliver reasonably priced products without sacrificing quality. Our products are already present in over a dozen international markets, including recently signed Russia and Australia. This broad international presence, despite being a relatively young company, is due to their cooperative business alliances with worldwide Super Distributors. These alliances allow for the alacritous channeling of Clean Plus® products to foreign markets that would otherwise require more time and expense to penetrate. This successful formula has allowed for the doubling of Falken’s sale volumes for the past two years.