Company Overview

Falken ProductsCurrently, Clean Plus® Brands and its related product lines are sold in approximately 2,000 retail locations all over Europe. Spotted sales have commenced in Canada as part of the company’s planned integration of the North American markets.


Falken’s core competency is as a marketing conception company. Falken takes an outside- in perspective when producing their products as opposed to a sales conception where the perspective is inside-out.The outside-in perspective starts with a well defined market, focuses on customer needs, coordinates all the marketing activities affecting customers, and generates profit through customer satisfaction.Falken was one of the first to capitalize on the wet-wipe market by taking note of consumer trends in the use of baby wipes for a wide variety of non-intended functions. The company translated this trend into a viable consumer need, and began to conceptually create products that would service these burgeoning consumer demands.Falken began manufacturing wet-wipes for an array of cleansing functions. The company’s first products were sanitary hand wipes for the industrial sector Falken later incorporated this same wet wipe application to other industrial tasks, impregnating wipe material with cleansing solutions for glass cleaning, multi-surface and graffiti removal. However, it was the introduction of the wet-wipe to auto care that tapped the increasing demand for convenience- driven products in that sector Falken was the first to capitalize on two previously untapped consumer groups in auto care: women and convenience-oriented youth. This newly addressed need and our resulting influx of capital brought about the launch of three auto care lines for Clean Plus®: Clean Plus® Premium, Bianci®, and Clean Plus® Professional Auto Care.Falken focuses its energies and investments in product conception and development, additionally overseeing every step of product quality through vertically integrated manufacturing process. The more traditional sales role is adopted by joint agreements with regional Super Distributors. Falken Industries uses their own unique business stratagem, Super Distribution, whereby Strategic Alliance Agreements (“Super Distribution Agreements”) are signed with leading Distribution companies in prospective markets. The mission of such alliances is the promotion of the Clean Plus® brand in a carefully orchestrated manner, boosting sales while guaranteeing volume requirements, as to ensure its position as a leading brand representing uncompromising upper end quality at very competitive pricing.

The selling concept takes an insider’s perspective, starting with the factory, focusing on the Company’s existing products, and promoting intensive selling and marketing, thereby maximizing sales and profitably. Under this marketing concept, companies produce what consumers want, thereby satisfying the consumer and generating profits with attractive margins. These two conceptions, working together proactively have proven to be a very commercially advantageous combination.