Business Description

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Falken Industries, Inc. (OTC: FLKI) is an American developer, manufacturer, and marketer of innovative wet wipe and specialty cleaning products. Under our most popular brand conception, Clean Plus®, we have successfully launched two consumer auto care lines (Clean Plus® Premium and Bianci®), a professional auto care line (Clean Plus® Professional Auto Care), a DIY consumer hand care line (Handyman®), and an assortment of industrial cleaning products (Grimex®, SaniClean®, D’fiti®, and Winglass®). Falken’s management team as well as that of the Clean Plus® product group are constantly working to build new markets for products and to stay consistantly ahead of new market trends.

Falken Industries’ mission is to globally deliver reasonably priced product conceptions without sacrificing quality. Our product conceptions are already present in over a dozen international markets, including markets as distinct and far away as Russia and Australia. This broad international presence, despite our being a relatively young company, is due to a strong cooperative business alliances with worldwide Super Distributors. These alliances allow for the alacritous channeling of Clean Plus® products to foreign markets that would otherwise require more time and expense to penetrate. This successful formula has allowed for a continuous and substantial increase in Clean Plus® product group sale volumes for the past two years.

Key Investor Points
• Falken Industries recently signed a Norwegian Super Distributor for several Clean Plus® lines: Clean Plus® “Premium” auto care, Handyman® DIY hand care, Clean Plus® Professional and Clean Plus® Professional Auto Care for a 5 year annual purchase of $350,000 (€ 270,000).
• Falken Industries recently signed a Russian Super Distributor for their Clean Plus® “Premium” auto care line and their Bianci® hypermarket auto care line for a 5 year annual purchase of $1,600,000 (1,250,000 €).
• Falken Industries recently signed an Australian Super Distributor for their Clean Plus® “Premium” auto care line for a 5 year annual purchase of $400,000 (300,000€).
• Clean Plus® products are present in Canada, Ireland, France, Malta, Cyprus, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Romania, Russia, Australia, and Barbados.
• The Company supplies Shell, BP, Q8, Statoil, Hydro-Texaco, Esso, Olis, Agip, Cepsa in its various global markets.
• The Company’s brand, Clean Plus®, is an internationally recognized and registered brand.
• Clean Plus® products expand the auto care market- Currently, 95% of all auto care products are sold to only 5% of car owners (primarily male auto enthusiasts). Clean Plus® products appeal to the remaining 95% of car owners, including women and youth.


Strategic Direction

The Company uses their own unique business stratagem, Super Distribution, whereby Strategic Alliance Agreements are signed with leading Super Distributors in perspective markets. The mission of such alliances is the promotion of The Clean Plus® brand in a carefully considered manner, balancing sales and volume requirements, as to ensure its position as a leading brand representing uncompromising upper end quality at intermediate pricing.

Our rapidly expanding global Super Distribution network demonstrates the popularity of this inventive and efficient business model.

The Company is a marketing conception company, focusing on consumer needs and developing products to fulfill these needs, thereby generating profit through customer satisfaction.

The Company is an environmentally conscious company, prioritizing their efforts in researching energy efficient and eco-friendly alternatives.

Our wet wipes contain a higher percentage of biodegradable materials than the majority of wet wipes on the market.

Key Industry Points

  • The Company was one of the first to capitalize on the wet wipe market by taking note of consumer trends in the use of baby wipes for a wide variety of non-intended functions.
  • Freedonia Group Inc. expects U.S. demand for wipes, both consumer and industrial, to reach nearly $2 billion in 2009, propelled by further segmentation of the market.
  • Euromonitor International market tracker projects global market demand for disposable consumer-oriented wipes will reach $4.3 billion by 2009.
  • Current statistics prove that stores carrying both liquids and correspondent wipes sell 35% more wipe products
  • 57% of wipe consumers are women
  • 39% are young people (under 40) who hold convenience as their single most important motivator


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