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The Clean Plus® Product Group headquartered in Oslo Norway, carries a complete line of FLKI product conceptions for consumer auto care, industrial and professional uses.

Consumer Lines (for retail sales)

Falken offers three distinctive consumer ranges:

The main product line is the high-end Clean Plus® Premium auto care line. This line is an extensive auto care line of high quality products that offers an excellent price/quality ratio. Clean Plus® Premium offers the largest range of auto care wipes on the market. This line constitutes approximately 65% of the Company’s sales.

Bianci® is a mid-ranged auto care line targeting hypermarkets and large scale supermarkets. It was launched by customer demand in 2006.

Handyman® is a hand care line aimed at the DIY market. This line is currently under development.

Professional Lines

Falken offers two distinctive lines for the professional:

Clean Plus® Professional Auto Care offers 19 different auto care products for professionals such as car dealerships, garages and body shops. Many of these products are based on the same formulation as the Clean Plus® Premium auto care line in order to obtain economies of scale in production.

Clean Plus® Industrial is a general line of cleaning products for the industrial market. All traditional cleaning products are complemented with the more innovative and convenient wet- wipe products for various applications.

Our professional lines carrying the Clean Plus® brand simultaneously promote our consumer lines while establishing a presence in professional sectors. It has been our experience that this presence later spreads to the consumer through word-of-mouth.